Thank You Very Much! (Elvis has left the Building!)

Well here we are! My first post for the fabulous group of ladies I’ve been invited to join in on their weekly (Thursdays! Mark your calendars! lol) blog. Each week we take turns picking a topic and this weeks topic is to write a Thank You letter to someone who would least expect it.

Each week I will add hyperlinks to each members of the group so you can view their perspective on each topic! I’m sure it will be interesting, insightful, and entertaining. 🙂




Searching for someone to thank who I haven’t already was a challenging topic for me. I tend to be a very introspective woman and already have thanked many, many people for being there for me or having a positive influence on my life. What may seem minimal to those I’ve thanked, to me, is not. If you have touched my life in a positive way, more than likely you have already been thanked by me!  Which has been a lot. It just feels good to say ‘Thank You’ with the utmost sincerity!  Try it, you may like it. It’s a win/win for each party involved!

The person I’d like to thank who I haven’t had the opportunity to is my former boss and part owner of the company I worked for, Joe V. I was an Administrative Assistant for him during the process of my divorce (circa 2000) when, as my cousin would put it, I was a “Hot Mess!”!!! LOL!  I couldn’t hide or conceal it from the world no matter how hard it tried! I wanted the divorce to be amicable and decent, but like most everything regarding my ex-husband, it had to be as ugly as he wanted it to be, he was a pro at ‘ugliness’ and things got UGLY!  I’m NOT particularly good at “ugly” and like I said, it SHOWED!

Dear Joe,

I recall you saying that every company needs an “asshole”. As I overheard your meetings I was quick to understand that not only did you proudly accept that role, but was also very good at it! Which frightened me immensely. Heck, during that time of my life I was frightened by my own shadow, so having to work for you during that time was especially frightening!

Quickly after I began my new position as “Administrative Assistant”, there is no doubt in my mind that it became obvious to you that I was incompetent in my new position.  It was horrible! The first time in my life where day in and day out I felt like a failure. No matter what I did and no matter how many books I read or how hard I prayed, the feeling wouldn’t go AWAY!

As with any new position there is to be an expected learning curve which I never really obtained the whole year I worked for you at ‘The Main Office”.

You were unexpectedly very gracious to me, took mercy on me, and was kind and supportive. I recall the times you would call me into your office and I’d show up with no paper or pen to write down what you wanted done. You’d ask me if I needed some paper, and I’d turn red and say “yes”. Then you’d ask me if I needed a pen, again turning even redder (I could feel my ears burning) again, replying “Yes.”  You would just smile and shake your head, which would allow me to finally take a breath!  I would turn to leave your office and do a number of foolish things like hit my shoulder on the door frame, or trip over my own feet!!! LOL!

Or the time I noticed how much faster everyone else was with their adding machines and I brought mine to you thinking it was broken and asked for a new one! You had to been laughing at me inside, when clearly it was ME who was ‘broken’ and needed time to get faster. You took me took the supply room and showed me where there was a new adding machine, I was so happy! However, that happiness was short lived after I plugged it in and was no faster than before!  (In time I got faster and learned the ten key by touch.)

You, being the company “asshole”, showed immense patience with me during one of the worst times of my life!  You could have EASILY ‘beheaded’ me, yet for some reason you spared me.  To this day, when I think of it, I can actually laugh about it at the same time thinking THANK YOU JOE!

Although I don’t talk a lot about that year, I do admit to some how I had a total meltdown right in front of you the morning a lady hit my car who had no insurance. It was just UNDERSTOOD by ALL who knew you, you are the LAST person to have a meltdown in front of. However, on that day, you stayed right by me, asking me questions and supporting me even though I couldn’t pull myself together.

You were kind and caring. Things you and your reputation were never exactly championed over. That day I announced to everyone that day that it would be my last day.  You talked me out of it, you knew I was having a meltdown, and by this time I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t even IMAGINE coming back the next day to face everyone.  No, you weren’t going to have it. You actually talked me out of quitting, even though I could have placed 1st in the WORST SECRETARY EVER hall of fame or should I say infamy?!?!  You stood by me.  You stood up for me. Why, I’ll never know.  Not only that, after you had me take the rest of the day off, you got the other employees in the office to rally for me in a planned luncheon the next day to show support for me. I was so grateful and humbled, I had ONLY a couple of tears trickle down my face because I was truly touched by your consideration. ESPECIALLY coming from the company ‘asshole’!!!

I wondered if I would EVER be able to look back on that time off my life an laugh.  That’s when you KNOW you have truly let it go and have HEALED!  And when I transferred from the “main office” to an onsite residential apartment community you owned, I began to heal and flourish.  I became great at my job and took great pride in doing so. Had you fired me (like most would have), I would have never transitioned into getting ‘myself’ BACK, only better, wiser, and stronger!

You had so much to do with helping me transition out of a horrible marriage that sucked my soul right out from me, into a happy FUNCTIONING HUMAN BEING again. Somehow, ‘thank you’ doesn’t quite seem to be enough. But THANK YOU!!!  Thank you for seeing something in me that I had lost somewhere during the five years of hell that I called my ‘marriage’.  Thank you for showing me mercy, kindness and support.

Your actions toward me during that time showed me how much ONE person can have a positive effect on another.  It’s a big part of who I am today, and your mercy, kindness, and support have been paid forward time and again.  Thank you for allowing me the time I needed to heal and becoming a better and wiser woman.

I think of you often and wish nothing but happiness and success in all your endeavors, both professional and private.


Your “Nutty Secretary”!! (aka Jeanette)


I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in 2008!  It would have made you proud, I’m certain of it!


5 thoughts on “Thank You Very Much! (Elvis has left the Building!)

  1. coversaralea says:

    This was great! It’s like sitting with a good friend and listening to a personal story, not to mention it was hilarious! 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    He sounds amazing. I hope you’re still in touch with him so he can read this. It sounds like he had a major impact on your life. Great letter!!!

  3. Thank you ladies! Melissa, I haven’t seen him since 2006. That’s okay though, I believe that old phrase “a season for a reason” applies. 🙂 I haven’t written anything in quite awhile, as I told Sara, it’s amazing how writing makes it that much more real, and brings you back to that time as it does, rather than just thinking of it in your own head. Looking forward to next week! Just getting’ my feet wet!

  4. Brunella says:

    I love this J!!! Great job and very sweet to know that side of him. =)

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