My Hate/Hate Relationship with the 1980’s

To understand my utter disdain for the 1980’s, you would have to know that I was a ‘tween’ in the 1970’s.  Which would account for a lot of disdain I had for the fashion changes and music changes that would completely put me into a tailspin as I began that awkward journey one has to be subjected to in order to become and adult.  

I remember shopping with my Mom at a local department store called “Richman Gordmans” while she was off shopping she knew where she could find me. And that was this Spectacular section of the store which was called the “Look In”.  I couldn’t WAIT to wear those wonderful clothes that were in fashion in the 1970’s!  No. My Mom wouldn’t let me wear those clothes, not that they would have fit.  “You have to wait until you are a teenager.” She’d say every time I’d beg for an outfit from the Juniors section of the store. (She was probably off getting me GARANIMALS! lol)

I loved how they dressed the mannequins up and especially loved a light flowered dress matched with a cool pair of brown leather wedge boots!  Here’s an example of how I THOUGHT I was going to be able to dress as I looked forward to my teen years:


What my options became once the 80’s came??? Uhhhhhhhhhg! JUST AWFUL! I still can’t stand the horrible fashion from the ’80’s and cringe whenever I hear a stylist mention ‘the ’80’s are coming back’!  Noooooooooo! The photo I’m about to post should speak for itself.  Oh, and I also couldn’t stand the BIG HAIR of the ’80s either.


Everything in the fashion world had changed on me and I couldn’t stand the fashion or hair of the ’80’s.  I completely 100% rejected it all.  (And still stand behind that. lol)

Like in a few short years SO MUCH had changed, not only fashion, but MUSIC as well. I didn’t get the Pop Culture of the time whatsoever.  I remember the first time seeing A Flock of Seagulls, and thought “WHAT?!!?”  Everything just became so unnatural and in-genuine to me.  

I waited all those years to wear those awesome clothes and POOF! They were all gone and replaced with 80’s CRAP! My bubble had been burst.  Bigtime.  So what’s a girl to do?  When I got old enough to drive I began Thrifting!!!  That is where I found my beloved ’70s fashions, there waiting for me to rescue them!  I LOVED shopping there and as my good ole’ Steven Tyler said it “wearing out the things that NOBODY wears”!

I was the square peg, that surely didn’t fit in.

 I like to keep some sort of balance and I struggled to find anything I did love about the 1980’s.  The list is rather short.  

  • CABLE TV!!!! 
  • The movie “The Shining” (It STILL scares me! Maybe even MORE TODAY!)
  • Bette Midler as “The Rose” (Still to this day one of the most amazing performances I’ve ever seen!)
  • MTV!!!!!!!
  • Eddie Murphy (Delirious and Raw)
  • My First Kiss and Boyfriend (He’s still such a great guy!)
  • My teachers
  • “Chief” (the first Native American I met.)

Not so long ago I went to a Bon Jovi concert with my oldest daughter, she knows my disdain for the ’80’s and when Jon hollered to the crowd “LETS GO BACK TO THE EIGHTIES!!!!!!!”  She IMMEDIATELY looked over at me and I said “LETS NOT!!!!!!!” And the look on my face made her laugh out loud as she knows better than anyone my feelings toward the ’80’s.  And bless her heart shares them with me. She was born in 1990. And I welcomed the 90’s with open arms.  When “grunge” knocked the Big Hair bands of the ’80’s right off the map, where in MY world was exactly the right place for them!  

No, let’s NOT go back to the ’80’s, thank you very much!



2 thoughts on “My Hate/Hate Relationship with the 1980’s

  1. Melissa says:

    I enjoyed your take on this topic. Definitely a different perspective between people who were kids in the 80s and people who were teens/adults in the 80s. I feel more that way about the current times as I have a hard time keeping up with or even enjoying most of the music and don’t even get me started on fashion. We would definitely have fun thrift shopping together!

  2. coversaralea says:

    This made me laugh! It’s the side to the 80’s that no one likes to bring up! And you may be a square peg, but you are undeniably cool. 😉

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