My Hometown: Omaha I’m Still Here!

This weeks topic by Sara was to talk about your hometown.

When I was in 3rd grade I wanted to move. While in class I spun the globe, closed my eyes and pointed my finger onto a city in Australia named “Alice Springs”.  I thought, that’s where I’ll make my home.  A few months later, after watching the opening to “Mork and Mindy”, I’d become fascinated with Boulder, Colorado, Jeeps, and the Mountains. I had in my 3rd grade record collection ‘John Denver’s Greatest Hits’ and for Christmas that year I got a pair of Denver Bronco pajamas. (Mom keeping everything as fair as she could, bless her heart!)  I didn’t mind because I loved Colorado.  It just all made perfect sense to me.

Always wanting to live somewhere else, to see other places, to have great adventures.  Which did NOT include OMAHA in any way, shape, or form.  To be honest, I do not have much feelings of fondness for my hometown so I had to google Omaha to see what others had to say to get a fresh look.  It’s many people that have LEFT that have great things to say, I have lived in other cities when I was young, much larger than Omaha andseen everything they’d have to offer.  It was very appealing to me.  But at the time I was to young to stay gone for too long, without getting homesick.  Not over Omaha itself, but I really missed my parents and family.  So I’d always head back home.  Happy to see them and be ‘home’.

I found a really great article about Omaha, published in 2007, in the New York Times, by Kurt Andersen, which opened my eyes to Omaha’s appeal.  (Mind you, this does not include the Benson Boom including art and music, which has occurred since then.)

Since we do not have oceans, mountains, or other great outdoor nuances, we have a lot of time to create and be creative.  That’s where Omaha has it’s most appeal, in my opinion, is in it’s creative culture (see NY Times article linked above).  Music and art, what I live for.  I’ve been to the Joslyn Art Museum multiple times, but how many times can you see the same things? Especially when you’ve been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it’s a challenge to appreciate what Omaha has to offer.( I’ve lived here consecutively for 15 years.) We also have one of the BEST Zoo’s in the country, but how many times can one go to the zoo?  Variety is the spice of life, haven’t youheard? This is where music and food come in.  Music being my favorite of the two, you can always find live music in Omaha.  Especially since the Benson Boom has occurred. (Thank God for Benson!)  I once read that you could eat out every day for one year and not eat at the same place twice.  It’s probably doubled since then.

While reading Andersen’s take on Omaha, it really seems that you have to leave here for ten years and come back to really appreciate the nuances of this ‘middle of nowhere’ city.  Ahhem….sorry! I mean the “Heartland”.

I really have to thank the people that left to what I call ‘real’ cities, New York mainly, and brought back some culture with them.  Otherwise we’d still be a mere cowtown.  Which I had ‘slit my throat once’ when I was working for some very wealthy developers when they said at a meeting that Omaha is comparative to New York City and I laughed out loud and said “Omaha is nothing but a Cowtown!”  Well, how could I help that???? Comparing Omaha to New York City? Giggle, giggle.  Although in retrospect, it would have served me well to have kept my mouth shut, but it was a knee jerk reaction.

So there’s the music scene we are lucky to have. (for being in Omaha) And thanks to Brandon Miller of the Kris Lager Band, our first real outdoor camping and music festival, Hullabaloo.  Great job, Mr. Miller!

Omaha Area’s First  3rd annual Outdoor Camping and Music Festival!

Omaha also has many great restaurants.  And we’re friendly. The traffic is nice, and so is the cost of real estate. It’s much slower here than larger cities, not just the traffic. We put our grocery carts back in the stalls. Could that be Omaha’s new tagline? Giggle, giggle.  I really don’t miss the crazy traffic of the large cities. And when there is a traffic ‘jam’ in Omaha, I look about on the I-80 (we have just one) and see the people all angry wondering if they’d ever been in a REAL traffic jam, like in LA? Or even Kansas City for that matter! Then I giggle at them, and turn up the radio as I know it won’t be longer than a half an hour.  (Most times less.)

Eventually, you have to come to peace wherever you are.  As the years go by, I’ve learned to appreciate my hometown if only because there are WAY worse places to live than my hometown, sweet Omaha.

Beautiful photo of Downtown Omaha

Beautiful photo of Downtown Omaha

Let’s see what my comrades have to say about this topic!!!

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FINALLY, Ad Campaign To Prevent Unplanned Pregnancies Directed at Males

This weeks topic from Tracey is centered around The Office of Adolescent and School Health in the Chicago Department of Public Health (Chicago DPH) advertising campaign that features photos of young men who look very pregnant.  CNN corresponders stated that Milwaukee did a similar campaign which claim resulted in fewer teen pregnancies.


BRAVO, Milwaukee and Chicago!

It’s about time the issue of unplanned pregnancies focus on the male population as well.  By not directing the issue at males as well places all the responsibility on the female and none on the male.  It takes TWO to TANGO!  

More states need to direct the message at male populations as well, it IS 2013 is it not? Men need to ‘step up’ and understand that this is their issue as well.  How easy it has been to put the blame entirely on the female when it comes to unplanned pregnancies!

The dialogue needs to be directed at males. One questioned whether or not the ads showing the young men with their shirts off, and at least 6 months pregnant would help.  I say it certainly isn’t going to hurt.

The media also labeled the ads as ‘controversial’.  I see nothing controversial about it. What I see is a more inclusive and realistic way of communicating the problems of unplanned pregnancies.  How can I say ‘realistic’ you may ask?  Well, a pregnant female didn’t get that way on her own.  The last time I checked,  it is impossible for a female to conceive by masturbation, so yes, it takes two.

Just because females are biologically different,  and are able to carry a child, doesn’t mean the male isn’t equally responsible as well.  He is pregnant too!  

In the political realm, you always hear of welfare recipients who mostly consist of women and children, but RARELY do you hear of the problem of absentee fathers or fathers who do not pay child support.  Why is that?  

While politicians and citizens beat up on the most vulnerable population, i.e. women and children living in poverty and receiving welfare, the issue of absent fathers who do not pay their court ordered child support goes without inclusion in this hot button national debate.  Why is that?

Sure, there are laws that threaten men who do not pay child support, some are even classified as felonies.  However, if a law is not ENFORCED, it does nobody any good, except for the guilty who are not upholding court orders.

The majority of people in the US are under the false impression that if a father does not pay child support, they automatically go to jail.  This is a false assumption. 

In the next political campaigns, lets speak more about that instead of bashing the mother who is doing her best with what she has to work with, and continue the discussion of the role that men play in the problem of welfare.  Let’s make sure they are being held accountable for the lives they create.  A law is not worth the paper it’s written on if it’s not ENFORCED.

So there are ads that are targeting young men about unplanned pregnancies. I ask, what has taken so long? The only ‘controversy’ I see is that in this debate, the issue of what role men play in unplanned pregnancies and their corresponding consequences has been ONE sided for far too long.  That’s where the REAL controversy lies.

Let’s see what my comrades have to say about this topic.

Froggie (Tracey): One frog’s distinct voice on the world around her.

Merry Land Girl (Melissa): Tales of a suburban mom who likes to talk about pop culture, books, Judaism, family, friendship and anything else that comes to mind.

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Dating Nightmares: RUN TO THE HILLS!

Okay. First I’d like to say that if you EVER find yourself talking yourself into going on a date with someone, you may want to think again about this person.  “Women’s Intuition” is a real thing, and you should never, ever go against your inner voice.

That being said, lets roll back twenty years, yes I said TWENTY! (lol) To the summer of 1992, when I was 23 years old.  I met “Jeff” (I’m using a fake name to protect the guilty!) at a night club that was a hot spot back then.  He was part owner of this establishment and I thought that represented stability.

“Jeff” got flirty with me on many occasions but I always ignored his advances because he just wasn’t my ‘type’.  He was 30, and to me that was borderline old. Especially considering he was balding and a bit chunky.  I was not attracted to him whatsoever, but I thought “Hey! Don’t be so shallow and give this guy a chance.”  So I agreed to go out on a date with him.

At my request, we met up at the club he owned. I remember always wanting to drive myself back then because if I wanted to “BAIL!!” I could always do so because no one drove me, I drove myself.  I always had an “Out”, and driving yourself gives you that freedom.

From the nightclub we went to a nice restaurant. I don’t recall the name of the restaurant but I do remember ordering seafood and a glass of white wine and loving it!  The conversation went surprisingly well.  He was quick witted, funny, and had some interesting stories to tell that actually kept my attention. To his credit, that is not an easy thing to do because I have a notoriously SHORT attention span.

We left the restaurant and as we drove by this Keno ‘parlor’, we quickly made a U-turn and parked his car in the parking lot. (I agreed to let him drive to the restaurant.)  In a state of confusion, I asked “What are you doing, Jeff?” He said, “I’ll be right back, this will just take a second.”

So I waited patiently in the car for about 20 minutes and was getting annoyed by then. Alas, I saw my short, pudgy, balding date exit the building with a horrible scowl on his face. I was asking myself why would he be so angry right now? Did he have a fight with an ex-girlfriend? I awaited my answer as he opened the door to get back in the car.

I immediately asked, “What is going on?” And he began hollering a bunch of obscenities and pounded his first on the dashboard. Red flags went off in my head.

He proceeded to tell me that he went in and placed a Hundred dollar bet on ONE number and lost. He was filled with anger, as more red flags went off in my head!  By then I was really annoyed and uncomfortable and just wanted him to take me back to my car. I mean who does that??? Not only that, but who does that ON A DATE?

The first half of the drive back was silent, as he calmed down and gathered his thoughts. He apologized. I accepted the apology taking comfort in knowing I’d be at my car soon and away from him.

He began explaining his actions, apologizing again and while he pulled up to my car, asked me if I wanted to go look at some of his pictures from high school and college.

I took pity on him and agreed.  I mean what harm could there be in that? (I was SO NAIVE back then!)

So there we are in his living room and I’m thinking maybe the night isn’t a wash? Maybe I overreacted to leaving me in the car, maybe I overreacted to him freaking out, maybe I overreacted to the fact that he just blew $100 on one number on a Keno bet.   (I used to doubt myself a lot back then.)

He brought out two photo albums with the excitement of a child at Christmas time.  He handed me the first album, and I saw his high school graduation photo. (I thought WOW! What happened to YOU in the last 12 years!)  He was a looker back then! I proceeded to flip through the pages as if I was interested, making forced comments about each picture.

Then he handed me the second photo album.  By then I was just really bored.  “Is it the attention span thing or is it him?”,  I questioned myself silently. With this argument going on in my head I opened the second album, I could feel him getting excited for me to turn the page. I wondered what he was getting all excited about.  I turned the page. (Why I never went straight home, I’ll never know!)

There it was. At first I couldn’t quite make it out. I heard him laughing. I looked at the picture again. Then it CAME TO ME! I was horrified and disgusted and made sure I knew where the EXIT was.

He excitedly explained the picture to me.  I looked at him with pure disgust and checked the door again. I thought to myself “RUN!!!”  He couldn’t believe my reaction. He said, “but it’s FUNNY!” I handed the album back to him and grabbed my purse.  Still in shock.   All I could think of is “I’ve GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!”

Once again he said, “It’s FUNNY!”

I  replied, “I see NO HUMOR in a picture of ‘poop’ in a toilet bowl shaped like the number EIGHT!”  Shut the door, and ran quickly to my car.

End of date.  I pulled out of his driveway both disgusted and relieved to get AWAY FROM HIM!

I’ve never looked at the number 8 the same since that night.

We’ve all had our share of bad dates, and this is one of many for me! Let’s see what my comrades have to say about their worst date ever.

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My Hate/Hate Relationship with the 1980’s

To understand my utter disdain for the 1980’s, you would have to know that I was a ‘tween’ in the 1970’s.  Which would account for a lot of disdain I had for the fashion changes and music changes that would completely put me into a tailspin as I began that awkward journey one has to be subjected to in order to become and adult.  

I remember shopping with my Mom at a local department store called “Richman Gordmans” while she was off shopping she knew where she could find me. And that was this Spectacular section of the store which was called the “Look In”.  I couldn’t WAIT to wear those wonderful clothes that were in fashion in the 1970’s!  No. My Mom wouldn’t let me wear those clothes, not that they would have fit.  “You have to wait until you are a teenager.” She’d say every time I’d beg for an outfit from the Juniors section of the store. (She was probably off getting me GARANIMALS! lol)

I loved how they dressed the mannequins up and especially loved a light flowered dress matched with a cool pair of brown leather wedge boots!  Here’s an example of how I THOUGHT I was going to be able to dress as I looked forward to my teen years:


What my options became once the 80’s came??? Uhhhhhhhhhg! JUST AWFUL! I still can’t stand the horrible fashion from the ’80’s and cringe whenever I hear a stylist mention ‘the ’80’s are coming back’!  Noooooooooo! The photo I’m about to post should speak for itself.  Oh, and I also couldn’t stand the BIG HAIR of the ’80s either.


Everything in the fashion world had changed on me and I couldn’t stand the fashion or hair of the ’80’s.  I completely 100% rejected it all.  (And still stand behind that. lol)

Like in a few short years SO MUCH had changed, not only fashion, but MUSIC as well. I didn’t get the Pop Culture of the time whatsoever.  I remember the first time seeing A Flock of Seagulls, and thought “WHAT?!!?”  Everything just became so unnatural and in-genuine to me.  

I waited all those years to wear those awesome clothes and POOF! They were all gone and replaced with 80’s CRAP! My bubble had been burst.  Bigtime.  So what’s a girl to do?  When I got old enough to drive I began Thrifting!!!  That is where I found my beloved ’70s fashions, there waiting for me to rescue them!  I LOVED shopping there and as my good ole’ Steven Tyler said it “wearing out the things that NOBODY wears”!

I was the square peg, that surely didn’t fit in.

 I like to keep some sort of balance and I struggled to find anything I did love about the 1980’s.  The list is rather short.  

  • CABLE TV!!!! 
  • The movie “The Shining” (It STILL scares me! Maybe even MORE TODAY!)
  • Bette Midler as “The Rose” (Still to this day one of the most amazing performances I’ve ever seen!)
  • MTV!!!!!!!
  • Eddie Murphy (Delirious and Raw)
  • My First Kiss and Boyfriend (He’s still such a great guy!)
  • My teachers
  • “Chief” (the first Native American I met.)

Not so long ago I went to a Bon Jovi concert with my oldest daughter, she knows my disdain for the ’80’s and when Jon hollered to the crowd “LETS GO BACK TO THE EIGHTIES!!!!!!!”  She IMMEDIATELY looked over at me and I said “LETS NOT!!!!!!!” And the look on my face made her laugh out loud as she knows better than anyone my feelings toward the ’80’s.  And bless her heart shares them with me. She was born in 1990. And I welcomed the 90’s with open arms.  When “grunge” knocked the Big Hair bands of the ’80’s right off the map, where in MY world was exactly the right place for them!  

No, let’s NOT go back to the ’80’s, thank you very much!


Fired for Being ‘Attractive’? Iowa Supreme Court’s Assault on Women’s Rights


It’s Thursday!  This weeks topic by Sara is regarding the recent Iowa Supreme Court decision upholding a Iowa Dentist’s decision to fire his Dental Assistant of more than a decade for what the headlines said “for a woman being too attractive.”

First, I have to say I’m NOT one to pay attention the media anymore because they try to wrap up complex stories and present them in a wrapped up bow tied format which leads to so much being out of context of misrepresented, they are biased, way too sensationalized, puppeteered by the corporations that run them, and  twisted and churned for many reasons, too many to list in a blog post. But those are a few worthy enough for me not to watch. (This coming from a former news ‘addict’!)  A complete loss of integrity in news reporting.

That being said, the headline isn’t misleading to begin with.  There’s…

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Fired for Being ‘Attractive’? Iowa Supreme Court’s Assault on Women’s Rights

It’s Thursday!  This weeks topic by Sara is regarding the recent Iowa Supreme Court decision upholding a Iowa Dentist’s decision to fire his Dental Assistant of more than a decade for what the headlines said “for a woman being too attractive.”

First, I have to say I’m NOT one to pay attention the media anymore because they try to wrap up complex stories and present them in a wrapped up bow tied format which leads to so much being out of context of misrepresented, they are biased, way too sensationalized, puppeteered by the corporations that run them, and  twisted and churned for many reasons, too many to list in a blog post. But those are a few worthy enough for me not to watch. (This coming from a former news ‘addict’!)  A complete loss of integrity in news reporting.

That being said, the headline isn’t misleading to begin with.  There’s more too it than her just being physically ‘attractive’ as implied by so many of the headlines.  The stories always run deeper than the news media both televised and printed can or will do, and I’m a digger.

I wanted to read the entire decision handed down by the Iowa Supreme Court, but only found summaries.  But in the decision, it seems to me what they stood upon was that he had ‘feelings’ for her, and cited with religious ‘reasons’, not separation of church and state, and not based on gender (the gender and lack of separation of church and state are common denominators that this decision was unjustly made.) How and why the justifications they came across that conclusion is a huge problem, oh and did I mention the Iowa Supreme Court consists of all males?

You see, they HAD to say it was about feelings and NOT gender, because in their decision it slammed the door shut on Equal Opportunity Laws, and also possible litigation for violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which  predominantly began as a movement to stop sexual harassment in the work place.  This law protects and prohibits employment discrimination based on racesexcolornational origin or religion.

The man had ‘feelings’ for this woman, which he himself said she was a stellar employee for over ten years.  However, these ‘feelings’, he had for her were putting his marriage in jeopardy. Cases such as these are rarely phrased as “feelings”. Feelings are abstract and are not listed in any of the laws that would support this finding.

Here is where the Iowa Supreme Court is wrong in their decision.  If he began having “feelings” for this woman after over a decade of employment, that was HIS problem to address with his wife and Pastor, who served as a witness in the trial, not the employees problem!

Such a primitive decision handed down by the Iowa Supreme Court leaves much concern over future cases resulting in leaving the door wide open for a multitude of false claims of having ‘feelings’ for another and unjust employment terminations. This poses a disconcerting problem that we all need to monitor.

Remember, the decision said nothing about the sex of the individual, but we all can read between the lines, can’t we?

One also has to consider demographics, we live in middle America, conservative America, and I highly doubt if the same case would have produced the same results on the East or West coast.

Religion came into play in an unworthy way to support this case, citing the religious sanctity of marriage.  Our country is based on the belief championed by Thomas Jefferson of separation of church and state.  Given  the role religion has played in modern history, I’m very fond of the practicality and sensibility of separation of church and state. They’ve crossed the line in a most harmful way toward women in this country to further base bogus claims and cite this case to further harass women.

Shame on you Iowa State Supreme Court for such a primitive decision and not placing fault and responsibility where it lies.  Between the man who had ‘feelings’ for another woman, his wife, and their pastor.

Let’s see what my comrades have to say about this decision! Click on their links below to compare! Our group is wonderfully diverse so you will get many opinions!

Sidenote: Challenging topic Sara, by choosing a topic worthy of debate in the most prestigious law schools in the country.

Froggie (Tracey): One frog’s distinct voice on the world around her.

Merry Land Girl (Melissa): Tales of a suburban mom who likes to talk about pop culture, books, Judaism, family, friendship and anything else that comes to mind.

Momarock (Sara): A Mom on the run.



Thank You Very Much! (Elvis has left the Building!)

Well here we are! My first post for the fabulous group of ladies I’ve been invited to join in on their weekly (Thursdays! Mark your calendars! lol) blog. Each week we take turns picking a topic and this weeks topic is to write a Thank You letter to someone who would least expect it.

Each week I will add hyperlinks to each members of the group so you can view their perspective on each topic! I’m sure it will be interesting, insightful, and entertaining. 🙂




Searching for someone to thank who I haven’t already was a challenging topic for me. I tend to be a very introspective woman and already have thanked many, many people for being there for me or having a positive influence on my life. What may seem minimal to those I’ve thanked, to me, is not. If you have touched my life in a positive way, more than likely you have already been thanked by me!  Which has been a lot. It just feels good to say ‘Thank You’ with the utmost sincerity!  Try it, you may like it. It’s a win/win for each party involved!

The person I’d like to thank who I haven’t had the opportunity to is my former boss and part owner of the company I worked for, Joe V. I was an Administrative Assistant for him during the process of my divorce (circa 2000) when, as my cousin would put it, I was a “Hot Mess!”!!! LOL!  I couldn’t hide or conceal it from the world no matter how hard it tried! I wanted the divorce to be amicable and decent, but like most everything regarding my ex-husband, it had to be as ugly as he wanted it to be, he was a pro at ‘ugliness’ and things got UGLY!  I’m NOT particularly good at “ugly” and like I said, it SHOWED!

Dear Joe,

I recall you saying that every company needs an “asshole”. As I overheard your meetings I was quick to understand that not only did you proudly accept that role, but was also very good at it! Which frightened me immensely. Heck, during that time of my life I was frightened by my own shadow, so having to work for you during that time was especially frightening!

Quickly after I began my new position as “Administrative Assistant”, there is no doubt in my mind that it became obvious to you that I was incompetent in my new position.  It was horrible! The first time in my life where day in and day out I felt like a failure. No matter what I did and no matter how many books I read or how hard I prayed, the feeling wouldn’t go AWAY!

As with any new position there is to be an expected learning curve which I never really obtained the whole year I worked for you at ‘The Main Office”.

You were unexpectedly very gracious to me, took mercy on me, and was kind and supportive. I recall the times you would call me into your office and I’d show up with no paper or pen to write down what you wanted done. You’d ask me if I needed some paper, and I’d turn red and say “yes”. Then you’d ask me if I needed a pen, again turning even redder (I could feel my ears burning) again, replying “Yes.”  You would just smile and shake your head, which would allow me to finally take a breath!  I would turn to leave your office and do a number of foolish things like hit my shoulder on the door frame, or trip over my own feet!!! LOL!

Or the time I noticed how much faster everyone else was with their adding machines and I brought mine to you thinking it was broken and asked for a new one! You had to been laughing at me inside, when clearly it was ME who was ‘broken’ and needed time to get faster. You took me took the supply room and showed me where there was a new adding machine, I was so happy! However, that happiness was short lived after I plugged it in and was no faster than before!  (In time I got faster and learned the ten key by touch.)

You, being the company “asshole”, showed immense patience with me during one of the worst times of my life!  You could have EASILY ‘beheaded’ me, yet for some reason you spared me.  To this day, when I think of it, I can actually laugh about it at the same time thinking THANK YOU JOE!

Although I don’t talk a lot about that year, I do admit to some how I had a total meltdown right in front of you the morning a lady hit my car who had no insurance. It was just UNDERSTOOD by ALL who knew you, you are the LAST person to have a meltdown in front of. However, on that day, you stayed right by me, asking me questions and supporting me even though I couldn’t pull myself together.

You were kind and caring. Things you and your reputation were never exactly championed over. That day I announced to everyone that day that it would be my last day.  You talked me out of it, you knew I was having a meltdown, and by this time I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t even IMAGINE coming back the next day to face everyone.  No, you weren’t going to have it. You actually talked me out of quitting, even though I could have placed 1st in the WORST SECRETARY EVER hall of fame or should I say infamy?!?!  You stood by me.  You stood up for me. Why, I’ll never know.  Not only that, after you had me take the rest of the day off, you got the other employees in the office to rally for me in a planned luncheon the next day to show support for me. I was so grateful and humbled, I had ONLY a couple of tears trickle down my face because I was truly touched by your consideration. ESPECIALLY coming from the company ‘asshole’!!!

I wondered if I would EVER be able to look back on that time off my life an laugh.  That’s when you KNOW you have truly let it go and have HEALED!  And when I transferred from the “main office” to an onsite residential apartment community you owned, I began to heal and flourish.  I became great at my job and took great pride in doing so. Had you fired me (like most would have), I would have never transitioned into getting ‘myself’ BACK, only better, wiser, and stronger!

You had so much to do with helping me transition out of a horrible marriage that sucked my soul right out from me, into a happy FUNCTIONING HUMAN BEING again. Somehow, ‘thank you’ doesn’t quite seem to be enough. But THANK YOU!!!  Thank you for seeing something in me that I had lost somewhere during the five years of hell that I called my ‘marriage’.  Thank you for showing me mercy, kindness and support.

Your actions toward me during that time showed me how much ONE person can have a positive effect on another.  It’s a big part of who I am today, and your mercy, kindness, and support have been paid forward time and again.  Thank you for allowing me the time I needed to heal and becoming a better and wiser woman.

I think of you often and wish nothing but happiness and success in all your endeavors, both professional and private.


Your “Nutty Secretary”!! (aka Jeanette)


I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in 2008!  It would have made you proud, I’m certain of it!